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Meet Dr. Zail Khalsa

Beverly Hills Chiropractor, Dr. Zail Khalsa

Learn why I gave up a career as a molecular geneticist to become a chiropractor!

Trusted Chiropractor in Beverly Hills

With a career spanning more than 30 years, I’ve seen thousands of patients change their lives by choosing chiropractic care. But just how did I find myself, a onetime budding molecular geneticist and flying trapeze circus performer, a chiropractor in Beverly Hills?

“Your body has the ability to heal itself. When your body is functioning fully, you function fully.” Read on!

Overcoming the Odds

Throughout my life, I’ve had several encounters with sickness and disease. After a reaction to penicillin at birth, my body reacted dangerously. My joints were swollen, and I couldn’t be touched.

After a long recovery, I faced a second health crisis years later at the age of 12 when I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My doctors gave me a 5% chance of survival, even with radiation treatment. Miraculously, I recovered but was left with nerve injury from a biopsy.

Dealing with so many doctors in my childhood coupled with my interest in science inspired me to go to college to help children with cancer. Attending on a full scholarship, I received my Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Biology from the University of Rochester. Though I was on track for a career in molecular genetics, the excruciating pain I was left with from my own biopsy became too much to bear.

Achieving Wellness With Chiropractic

Every time I lifted my left arm over my head it felt like an ice pick was being driven into my skull. The pain would literally knock me to the ground, and my hands would often go numb.

I was eventually introduced to Kundalini yoga, which was my stepping stone to chiropractic. When I got my first chiropractic adjustment, it felt as if he had pulled a knife out of my back that had been stabbing me for years!

The relief was tremendous.”

Over time, I regained my health using all-natural means and experienced a spiritual calling to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. I completed my doctoral studies at Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon, where I graduated with Honors, moving to Del Mar, California to surf and start a private practice. In 1998, I moved my practice to its current location in Beverly Hills.

Today, I am happy, healthy and full of life. And I owe this to chiropractic care.

Discover True Health

Experiencing pain but can’t find a solution that works? Interested in giving your body the best chance to function as it was meant to? Contact my office today to schedule your appointment. Your body will thank you!

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