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Your Subsequent Visits

At Your Second Visit, We Will Explain Your Results

At your second visit, Dr. Khalsa will explain to you, in detail, his findings. He will explain what your current subluxations mean – and what they could mean in the future if you don’t address them now. In addition, he will show you what type of results you can reasonably expect to achieve if you follow through with care. Because the X-rays utilizing the Denneroll show what your corrected spinal alignment will look like, we can tell you in advance what can likely be accomplished. At this visit, you will also typically receive your first adjustment.

A recommendation for care will be made for you.

Dr. Khalsa will lay out his recommendations in terms of care – which will include chiropractic adjustments, as well as recommendations for lifestyle adjustments. Because getting more life into your life means taking steps to move towards health, not away from dis-ease: eating healthy foods, exercising appropriately and reducing stress in addition to getting regular chiropractic care.

Naturally, Dr. Khalsa will be delighted to answer any questions you may have. He will explain the costs and offer you the opportunity to prepay for a group of visits with a discounted rate, which most people choose.

Some people who prefer a more “medical” approach may not find Dr. Khalsa’s recommendations to their liking. That’s perfectly fine, and we encourage everyone to do what they feel is right for them. By the third visit, however, most people understand that what they’ve been doing all along is what’s gotten them to this point, and it’s time to make the changes Dr. Khalsa recommends – and they can’t wait to start!

Regular Visits

Regular visits are only 5 minutes. For these visits, you are generally in and out in about 5 minutes. You may or may not get adjusted at each visit, depending upon what Dr. Khalsa finds when he examines you. If he finds subluxations, he will adjust them using the technique most appropriate to your current subluxations..

It’s not a once-a-month “treatment.”

Chiropractic doesn’t “treat” anything. It simply removes the nervous system interferences that prevent your body’s innate intelligence from doing what it was designed to do: function at its optimal level, all the time. We like to say the big idea about chiropractic is it’s not for fixing problems, it’s for becoming more fully alive.

In our practice, we find that seeing people frequently is the key to helping them move towards health and being more fully alive. Initially, many come in 3 times per week, as they see the benefits of chiropractic manifesting in their lives.

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