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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care focuses on the crucial relationship between the spine and the nervous system. Here at Inner Health, Dr. Zail Khalsa, Dr. Zail Khalsa specializes in chiropractic care tailored to the individual. Whether you are young or old, suffering from minor discomfort to chronic pain—our practice is here to help you heal and get well.

Why Chiropractic Care?

Your nervous system, akin to the body’s electrical wiring, enables you to experience life fully. However, injuries and resulting fibrosis can distort the body, leading to areas of both stiffness and weakness that impact the spinal cord.

Similar to how repeatedly pulling on an iPhone power cable can damage the cord and contribute to lower function of the device itself, tension in the spinal cord can disrupt nerve function. Ultimately, this tension often results in the disconnection of the brain and body—manifesting in symptoms of pain and discomfort.

Our practice approaches chiropractic care as means to target the reduction of adverse biomechanical tension in the central nervous system. This ensures that the spinal cord is not stretched beyond its limits. Utilizing precise chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Zail Khalsa facilitates improved communication within the body, enabling self-healing and optimal function.

All Patients Welcome

Dr. Zail Khalsa specializes in various chiropractic techniques and organic healing modalities to meet the needs of his diverse patient community. While we begin with relief care, aiming to alleviate symptoms and restore comfort as swiftly as possible, we highly recommend corrective and maintenance care.

For those seeking to address underlying spinal issues for long-term benefits, we offer corrective spinal care designed to realign the spine and promote lasting wellness. As patients progress, many choose to transition to maintenance care to stay well and continue to lay the groundwork for the prevention of future injuries.

Care with us is incredibly safe and gentle. If you have a preference for a certain technique, let us know. We’re proud to offer a variety of options, including manual adjustments and low-force, instrument-assisted options for patients who don’t wish to hear any cracking.

Regardless of your age or presenting condition—Dr. Zail Khalsa is here to help.

Get Started

We recognize that no two patients are the same. Our practice specializes in precise chiropractic techniques that will help you regain your ability to self-heal.

Why wait? Get started today!

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