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Reviews of Inner Health, Dr. Zail Khalsa

What Our Patients Say

By sharing the success stories of many of our patients, you can learn more about how chiropractic care has helped them and can help you too. Review a selection of Inner Health patient testimonials below as well as the reviews located on our Google+ and Yelp listings.

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Yours in Health,
Dr. Zail Khalsa

Inner Health, Dr. Zail Khalsa google reviews

Zail Khalsa, DC Reviews on Yelp

  • I am ready to put my trust, energy and money (and time) into this and I am looking forward to seeing the results in six months and in one year.

    - Kirsten M.
  • Dr Khalsa is amazing! He has vast knowledge to get you on the healing path. Very friendly and down to Earth. Easy to talk to about treatment options. He never tries to “sell you” anything. Highly recommend him!

    - Gordon F.
  • Such a great chiro – so informative & I love that Dr. Zail is holistically minded!

    - Alicia E.
  • Dr. Zail was extremely thorough with his explanations and exam and patient with my questions. Thank you!

    - Victoria T.
  • I have NEVER had such a wonderful experience with a Dr in my life! So excited and grateful to have met Dr.Zail! I look forward to my wellness journey with him and his practice! Pavan has excellent people skills as well and is the perfect little reception pup! Love this practice and highly recommend Dr.Zail!

    - Margarita G.
  • Peaceful environment. Love the assistant. Strongly recommend this physician.

    - Adriana K.
  • Looking forward to this journey towards wellness

    - Ben V.
  • Looking forward to the next session.

    - Yanna E.
  • Thank you for the compassion, knowledge and determination to help me on my path to wellness and healing.

    - Liz B.
  • The best healing experience I’ve ever had!

    - Celena T.
  • I’m so relieved.

    - Daryl R.

Long Term Results

This is the first chiropractor in my life who’s actually looking for a long term results instead of quick fixes. He’s the first one who saw the whole picture and looked for the root of the problems I have. And everything he suggests to do gives me confidence that I’m gonna achieve the ultimate goal of good health.
- Julia G.


Even though he had never seen me before as a patient, Dr. Khalsa went above and beyond by coming in to the office on his day off especially to see me, when I called for help with a very painful problem with a rib. That was exceptional and much appreciated service.
- Anonymous

My Wife and I Thought Dr. Z is Unbelievable

This is our second visit and just like the first one, Dr. Z, as my wife and I call him I see just unbelievable. His heart is ever present along with his super packed brain to help us understand the problem afflicting my wife. He was gentle although the treatment may require some drastic applications. It’s better to be given an authentic treatment to reach beyond “skin deep”. This Dr. Z does to the best of his abilities. One really has to experience this personally to know he or she will definitely get well.
- Molly H.

We Were Really Impressed

This is our first visit and Dr. Zail really tried his very best to ease us and assure us that whatever is afflicting my wife will be addressed and he will try his very best to try the different modalities to see which one works on my wife. He does not treat his patients like a “one size fits all”. Very tailored to the need of my wife. On the first day, he took all the information and history and was very attentive and patient with our history and materials we brought over. He tried different methods to detect how my wife responded. It was really very thorough. We were really impressed. We are now very hopeful that a cure will definitely be found!
- Molly

I Was Cared About

I am very grateful to Dr. Zail after only two visits. He was so giving of his time to explain to me what we can do for my situation, and selfless to do so. I actually felt like I was cared about and not a number, as I was experiencing many places I went prior to him. He sees you as a whole being and valuable, and that alone started to heal me, thank you Dr. Zail
Donna W.

Thank You Doctor Khalsa

I have to keep it up with my daily exercises. Thank you doctor Khalsa
- Larisa

You Made Me Feel Amazing

How do you tell the new Chiropractor that this was the absolute Best experience I ever had? Dr Zail is very knowledgeable thorough and kind I really love his Spiritual application and approach as well. I be been 4 times and each time I felt the difference. Thank you so much Dr Zail for making me feel amazing you are the Truth

- Robyn

Honest Thoughtful Care

I felt very heard by Dr. Khalsa. He took care to listen to each one of my concerns and talk me through his approach and thoughts. He seemed very honest and thoughtful in the way he treated me. I look forward to what the future brings!
- Caitlin

Finally Found Relief For Chronic Pain

Dr. Zail’s approach to chiropractic was different than I had ever experienced in 10 years of receiving prior chiropractic work from 8 different practitioners. He provided relief for my chronic pain, and worked with me in a personable manner that led to self-empowerment and knowledge of new ways to approaching a healthier life. Dr. Zail was compassionate, flexible, and dedicated, even adjusting me at his home on one occasion for a weekend visit on one of his days off. I highly recommend his chiropractic work, as I have not found any other chiropractor nation-wide who utilizes some of the adjustments he does.

- Kristen

KateStronger, Improved Mobility, Decreased Allergies

Dr. Zail is amazing! My job is very physical, and sometimes my neck locks up. Dr. Zail’s skilled application of chiropractic techniques has improved my mobility and enables me to be stronger. He’s also helped me by easing up my allergies. You will not be disappointed!


Dr. Zail Goes Above And Beyond

I’ve just been to Dr. Bennett, MD and had my blood work for cholesterol read to me. All internal organs are working great and all levels of cholesterol are lower than they have been in years AND backing off the medications have made me feel and act better than I have in many years.

Again, you have led me down the right path for my health and well being. If I ever win the lottery you are getting a big piece of the action. That’s the only way I could ever pay you what you’re worth.


My Overall Health Has Improved Since I Started Seeing Dr. Khalsa

chiropractic patient gives testimonial“I’d never been to a chiropractor before I started seeing Dr. Khalsa, so I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. Now I realize that I’m lucky enough to be working with one of the best.

“I’ve been getting regular adjustments from Dr. Khalsa for the past two years, and it has made an amazing difference in my life. As we’ve worked on getting my alignment issues sorted out, I’ve noticed that I’m also healthier in general, due to the fact that my nervous system is functioning more optimally.
Read More…

My allergies have calmed down quite a bit and I haven’t had a cold or the flu for over a year and a half. That’s pretty amazing for me, since I used to come down with something every two or three months.

“The icing on the cake is that Dr. Khalsa is also a terrific human being, one who genuinely cares about the long-term well-being of his clients. I highly recommend him!”


Help Found Where Western Medicine Had No Answer

Beverly Hills chiropractic patient gives testimonial Dr. Khalsa is helping our 4 year old daughter tremendously. Our daughter has Muscular Dystrophy. It is very difficult for her to climb steps or walk long distances. We have been seeing Dr. Khalsa four times a week for the past two month and the results are amazing. Our daughter walks with a lot more strength, she even walks faster now. Her energy level has gotten much better, too.

Western medicine has no cure for us as of yet. So we feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Khalsa! Read More…

In addition, our daughter loves going to Dr. Khalsa. She regularly asks me at the weekend why we are not going to see him. And this is coming from a little girl who generally doesn’t like male doctors. This shows that Dr. Khalsa is a very trusting and gentle person.

I recommend him dearly!


Results after Neck Surgery

Beverly Hills Chiropractic patient. Dear Dr. Zail,

It was well worth the trip from Monterey Bay to Beverly Hills to receive the adjustments you made to my neck, shoulders and back. For many years I was not able to look all the way to the left or right or tilt my head back to look up from having a horse rear over backwards with me. That followed by neuro surgery to my neck and a car accident that left me with limited movement. As I am writing this letter to you I have full range of motion of every part of my body for the first time in many, many years with your care. Did I mention that I will be 71 year old in couple of days. What a nice birthday present.
Read More…

Your technique was new to me since it was different from the chiropractors I have been going to for the past 45 years since my accidents. Now I wish all Doctors of Chiropractic could learn your method of adjustment. You are very gifted and well read with regards to the human body and its needs.

You have given me every reason to travel to the Los Angeles area to see my family a lot more often.

Have you ever thought of moving to the Monterey Bay area?


My Body Responded Positively

chiropractic patient gives testimonial I met Dr. Zail Khalsa through another chiropractor when Dr. Khalsa was handling the doctor’s vacation work. Right away I noticed Dr. Khalsa’s chiropractic approach was different – he was very subtle and my body responded positively.

However, it wasn’t until my car was totaled in a head-on collision that I started to see Dr. Khalsa on a regular basis. This was not just a fender bender. I suffered a concussion that totally knocked me out and I was life-flighted to UCLA Medical Center for treatment.
Read More…

After my accident, Dr. Khalsa explained to me in the most thorough manner what injuries my body suffered. I really appreciated that he took the time to use diagrams and spinal models to show me what had happened to my body and he gave me the encouragement to take the time (and have the patience) to let my body heal. I must confess that I found it very odd that none of the doctor’s at UCLA explained to me what to expect from a concussion, what the danger signs of a worsening condition are or how to recover from one. ALL of my information on the concussion recovery process came from Dr. Khalsa.

So, while my treatment started as a response to an accident, Dr. Khalsa encouraged me to see the deeper patterns of my body’s alignment (or lack thereof) and to take the opportunity at hand to make life-changing adjustments. We started by adding lifts to my shoes. Then he had me start to sit on a wedge (both in the office and in the car). He also gave me special exercises to do daily and introduced me to ice packs, which can be great friends. With weekly adjustments, I can say with certainty that my spine has never been in such great shape as an adult. I find that this has affected every other part of my life. As old intensely held spinal patterns release, I find this release flows through the rest of my life – I’m more balanced, healthier and happier than ever before.

I have recommended Dr. Khalsa to several friends who now see him on a regular basis. We all share the same opinion: HE’S THE BEST!!


Bulging Discs

chiropractic patient Laura I was working at a desk job. My work station was poorly set up and I worked long hours accompanied by a lot of stress. I started noticing numbness in my left foot. I ignored it. Then the numbness crept up my leg to my knee. I ignored it. Around the same time I pulled a muscle in my left leg really badly while working out at the gym. My symptoms got worse. I began to limp and I lost control of my left foot. My genital area became numb and I began to lose control of my bladder and bowels.Read More…

I went to a medical doctor who performed tests; MRI, x-ray, Nerve conduction velocity, etc. It turned out I had two bulging discs in my lower back. I hoped this would explain my situation. However, to my disappointment, the doctor said my symptoms were far too severe to be caused simply by two bulging discs. He treated me anyway, hoping to see some results. I was put on very strong anti-inflammatory medications. They didn’t work. I was put on steroids, didn’t help. I was sent to physical therapy, that didn’t help either. The muscle relaxants for my cramping up at night helped a little. After seeing no significant improvement, the doctor referred me to a Neurologist.

Before going to the Neurologist, a friend told me about a Chiropractor named Dr. Zail Khalsa (see list of doctors and specialists in the USA). He told me how much he had helped him so I decided to give it a try. I was sick of tests and pills that didn’t work.

My husband and I went to Dr. Khalsa office. He was very warm and the environment was welcoming. I told him of my symptoms and we talked about my health history. He analyzed my situation and recommended care that included: chiropractic adjustments of my spine and coccyx and a new outlook on how I viewed my health and the healing of my body. I started to see results after 4 or 5 sessions although he explained to me that everyone reacts differently. The healing process, he further explained, can even include regressions. I started viewing my condition in a new way. I no longer got scared thinking about it but rather I enjoyed thinking about my healing. I felt empowered and in control.

My symptoms started getting better. The numbness went away; I regained bladder and bowel function, the cramping up at night stopped. My motor control is improving. I am much more aware of how my stress affects my body. Things are so much clearer. I am confident that I am on the right path. I wish I had come here from the very beginning. From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful for the day I met Dr. Zail Khalsa. He is gentle in his approach and goes according to your comfort level. He listens. He cares and is truly committed to helping others. He makes sense and helps you create an environment to improve and maintain your own health and well being. If you want to better your health, please see Dr. Khalsa. He won’t let you down.


Immediately Found Relief

I hurt myself while hiking down a steep gorge, falling on a very slick rock. I immediately had to lie down for a long time, and started blacking out. Luckily, I was hiking with somebody else — who very patiently led me (crawling on hands and knees, mostly) out of the canyon. I was very befuddled, and it was incredibly hard to get myself out of there. Luckily I got myself down the mountain and went straight to a friend’s house that night — a friend who had previously experienced a tailbone injury and had her own success story to tell — and had a doughnut cushion to loan me.
Read Full Story…

It took me a couple of weeks to get an x-ray and start calling chiropractors — it was very much broken, and a woman chiropractor began doing frequent internal manipulations on me. Unfortunately, it would mostly just go back into place afterwards, and I would have days more to wait until my next appointment. I was trying to drive minimally during this time, but really I wasn’t being wise about the whole thing. This went on for a few weeks and I was seeing some improvement (not too much) — when I had to go commercial fishing in Alaska.

The plane ride to Alaska was horrible — plane seats are bad news for this. It seemed to go ALL the way out again, and was just as painful as ever. I found a chiropractor in Fairbanks, then I went fishing with it out of place. It was a daily struggle for two weeks, until the captain convinced me to get an x-ray again — and she and that chiropractor told me to take better care of myself and get wherever I needed to go for proper care. By this time I’d had the injury for almost 2 months. It was keeping me from my regular practice of seated meditation, and making daily life both embarrassing and difficult.

The only doctor in the western states who would call me back during that week was Dr. Zail Khalsa (see Doctors and specialists in the USA). He immediately had some good insights and was very friendly. A friend of mine offered to drive me the 15 hours to Los Angeles, so that I could work with Dr. Zail. I laid down in the back of my station wagon the whole way! She and I stayed in L.A. for a week, and I was able to visit with Dr. Khalsa often twice a day.

He was very intuitive with my body’s conditions. He immediately linked the tailbone injury to ongoing problems with my spine and neck, and even to deep childhood issues including sexual abuse issues.

The sexual abuse history made my ability to trust a male doctor (doing internal manipulations of the coccyx) very hard, but we were able to work things out, talk things out. I was having very intense PTSD symptoms on the table, but Dr. Khalsa handled all of it very well — and even talked about the benefits of the emotional release.

The actual manipulations were often very painful — but I immediately found relief for the tailbone issue, plus relief in my neck and spine and back — and a new way of thinking of my posture and heart/lungs/body history. I saw him for 5 or 6 days, and then I left L.A.– I took it easy for a week, but was immediately able to sit down on hard surfaces again.

Now, 4 months after the original injury, I think I learned a lot — and I’m biking and meditating again with only mild discomfort once in a great while. I have faith, actually, that if I was able to go back to Dr. Khalsa for more adjustments, that even the mild coccyx discomforts would go away completely.

I definitely recommend his work and technique, even if you need to travel quite far to see him. It was worth it. He let me come to his home when it was necessary, and worked over the phone with a chiropractor in my hometown to understand my problem and even to train that other chiropractor in his own technique, for the sake of my healing. Needless to say, that hometown chiropractor was also very impressed with him, and learned a great deal from the whole experience.

You’ll find other hearty recommendations for him on this website, and with good reason. Thank you, Dr. Zail!

Suffering from tailbone pain

I’ve been suffering from tailbone pain since December of 2006 from sledding on some hard snow in the mountains and landing right on the tailbone hard. The first year I was told by my doctor and the specialist he referred that it will heal on its own over time. I started to get frustrated after no signs of improvement after 16 months and started to take action on my own and was able to come across this website. I live in San Diego and wanted to see one of the specialists on this website. After reading the success stories with Dr. Khalsa in Beverly Hills I decided to give him a try. Read Full Story…

I was very impressed with my first visit as he told me that I haven’t been able to heal naturally because my back was so out of line and tense. This was causing tension on my tailbone. After just one adjustment, I had better balance in my back and hips. My next visit he did an internal adjustment. He was able to adjust my coccyx to move more freely. He noted that it was very stiff and not flexible. I found dramatic improvement from this procedure.

Because I live in San Diego , Dr. Khalsa was kind enough to let me visit him at his home on Sunday mornings so I wouldn’t have to miss work and avoid the heavy traffic. This alone was a great benefit.

After a few weeks of spinal adjustments, internal coccyx adjustments, and exercises, I can honestly say that I’m much better off than before meeting Dr. Khalsa. I’m optimistic that I’ll be %100 percent in the near future.

If only he worked in San Diego … Thank you, Dr. Khalsa


Suffering from Back and Neck Pain

heart comment It was approximately 2 years ago when I was referred to Dr. Zail Khalsa by my friend Dan Ferris, a long time patient.

I was suffering back and neck pain and was in really bad shape. I had no idea how that first visit to Dr. Khalsa for my neck and back pain would result in a more drastic change in my overall health and life.

Since I was a child, I have suffered from severe asthma. As I grew older, it seemed to get worse. Not only would I have severe attacks on a regular basis but I would get sick quite often. My immune system was weak and, my stamina and endurance were low.
Read Full Story…

Dr. Khalsa took the time to get to know me! First, he addressed the problem at hand, the neck and back pain. Then he dug deeper into my overall health. We talked about the attacks (asthma), sickness and all of the drugs. I had been on a variety of steroids, inhalers, cocktail inhalers over the years. I was told by my Doctor that I had to use them whether I was symptomatic or not, for maintenance. Well the maintenance finally got the best of me when I found myself coughing up blood because the inhalers had dried out my bronchial tubes so badly that when I coughed, the blood vessels would break.

I made the decision to slowly stop the use of the drugs. I began to see Dr. Khalsa at first a few times a week and now I am on very strict maintenance of weekly adjustments. It has truly changed my life. I am happier, stronger and in the best shape of my life. My health is excellent. I am off ALL medications. I have not had an asthma attack in over 3 years.

Before I met Dr. Khalsa, my opinion of Chiropractic was poor. I was afraid of it, did not know much about it and was unwilling to give it a chance. Needless to say, my opinion has drastically changes. I have also referred several friends and colleagues to Dr. Khalsa who continue to see him on a regular basis.


Damaged seemingly beyond repair (felt hopeless…)

After quite a few near final accidents (hit by car while on foot… later had an encounter of the third type with a concrete freeway divider at 90 mph in a convertible….no comment.) That combined with a good 20 plus years of chemical dependency, my hopes of comfort or life expectancy…or at times even motive…started to wear pretty thin.
Read Full Story…

By the grace of God, only, do I get to breathe today. Blessed was I to finally be introduced to real chiropractic teachings as well as practice by Dr. Zail Khalsa, who holds his piece of the big God healing puzzle with so much Grace. It has been over a year and my life, has done a 180-degree turnaround of miraculous proportion through such huge health improvement, of course free from all the pills and chemicals I for so long hated yet needed.

The chiropractic rewiring Dr. Khalsa is able to walk me through is ongoing; and it had to get much worse before the body even reacted to the treatment and guidance. This is but a short of the amazing physical as well as spiritual pluses that came with true “chiro-art.” I can only wish that others come wiser…and let children come early…to learn and prevent the problems, rather than to spend their lives chasing solutions.


Pain gone after spinal adjustment

I write this because I hope I can help someone who is as desperate as I was about a year ago. I had been dealing with coccyx pain for almost 3 years. I remember how it started…I was playing an online video game with some friends and we used to play for hours every night. I started getting up and feeling pain in my butt; this pain would eventually go away, but one day it didn’t and that was the start of my nightmare.
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I went to my chiropractor and nothing he did helped. I then saw an Orthopedic Doctor and after having me do X-Rays, CT scans and MRIs, he said that my coccyx was dislocated and that they would need to surgically remove the piece

I didn’t want to have surgery done, so I went back to my chiropractor. He tried a number of things, but to no avail. One of his patients was actually another chiropractor who “specialized” in coccyx pain. Over the next couple of months, both chiropractors tried working on my back, but I had ABSOLUTELY no relief

My original chiropractor told me about yet another chiropractor who did internal manipulation, so I went to her. After 5 visits (and A LOT of discomfort & embarrassment), she told me that she couldn’t help me, because her fingers were too stubby (yeah, I know)

I literally did not know what else to do at that point. I figured that I was going to have to have the surgery. I then searched for “coccyx pain” in Google and found your site. I saw a number of doctors in the Southern California area that specialized in coccyx pain, but I was just SO skeptical at that point. I looked at all of them, but one really stood out to me, because there was a letter from a woman named Laura. After reading her letter, I figured that I would give her chiropractor a chance and boy am I happy that I did

His name is Dr. Zail Khalsa (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, California) and I remember when I first met him that I looked to make sure that his fingers were long enough. Not only is he one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve met, but he is VERY nice. He told me that he might have to do an internal manipulation and I was understandably uneasy about it. He then examined my neck and back and he did something I’ve never experienced with any other chiropractor. He told me that because my back is the way it is that I could not be adjusted the typical way (lying face down on the table). He had me sit on a stool and put my back against a pad on the wall. He then adjusted me by pushing my chest toward my back. He did a couple of other things and told me that an internal manipulation would NOT be necessary, because the pain was actually being caused by a disc in my back and NOT the actual coccyx. The entire process took like 10 or 15 minutes

That night I remember picking up pizza for my family and outside was a cement bench. I just had to test it out, so I sat down and I would say that I felt 80% better…I was SO excited. A few months later, the pain was completely gone. I wanted to wait a year before I wrote this letter just to make sure that the pain would stay away and it has

I’m so glad I came to your site and I’m so glad that I found Dr. Khalsa

One final note about him is that he’s got to be the most accommodating doctor as well. I play hockey and about a month ago, I got a rib injury during a game. The pain was so great that I couldn’t even take my own skates off. I called Dr. Khalsa at around 9:00 PM and he told me to come to house right away. He adjusted me that night. His compassion and genuineness are truly hard to find in L.A


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